The Zine Machine!

The ZINE MACHINE Project (formally 780distro) began in 2014 as a snack vending machine that has been re-purposed to distribute small zines. In October 2017, the project changed hands and has evolved beyond the distribution of locally made publications to offering workshops, consultation, and support to community groups and educators who are interested in bringing zines into the classroom. The Zine Machine currently distributes publications from all over the world. Follow the Zine Machine on Instagram (@zinemachine780) and Twitter (@zinemachine780), and head on over to www.zinemachine.ca to find out how to submit your own zine! 

Stop by the Royal Bison from December 7 to 9 to chat with the cool folks at the Zine Machine and also to get your own cool zine!

Zine Machine 1
Zine Machine 2
Zine Machine 3
Zine Machine 4