Clean Up Your Act With Westmount Soap Co.

Ryan Lister, of Westmount Soap Co., hand makes all-natural bar soaps inspired by the communities in and around the Edmonton area. Each one is carefully scented with only high quality essential oils and has a profile meant to reflect the personality of the neighbourhood it is named for. Ryan first started vending with us at Bison in the December market in 2017 and we are thrilled to have him back again! You can keep up with Westmount Soap Co. online on instagram (@westmountsoapcompany) and read on down below to see what inspires him to create!

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RB: What draws you to making/designing things?
WSC: I like working with my hands while also using my brain. Soap making is part art (figuring out the scents and whatnot) and part chemistry (which is my academic background). So it’s a good combination of things I like. 

RB: What’s new for your line/business this spring?
WSC: Not necessarily new for spring, but still very new, in late 2017 we introduced our first shaving bar, the Ritchie bar. It’s great on its own, but I’ve also partnered with a local potter to make some beautiful custom shaving dishes to go along. 

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RB: What’s in your designer/maker/creative plans for 2018:
WSC: We are definitely going to add a couple of communities to our line-up, and probably shake up our holiday line a little bit for next winter. I’ve also been experimenting with liquid soaps. These are much trickier to hand make with natural ingredients, but I may have something tested and ready to go later in the year. 

RB: Tell us about a few of your designer/maker/creative crushes:
WSC: Well I bought a belt from Adamson and Son at the winter Bison, and it’s a great belt, I really like their stuff. My wife (behind the marketing at Westmount Soap Co.) loves Smithstine, her jewelry has a “love for Edmonton” vibe, like our soap. I am collector of unique screen-printed shirts, so designers like Selgado Fenwick are a staple. And I have to mention Pottery by Heather who works with us on our shaving dishes, she is such a seasoned potter with and exceptional lineup.

You can find Westmount Soap Co.'s wonderfully stocked shop online at www.westmountsoapcompany.ca

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