Get Lost in the Vibrant Patterns of Mezzaluna Studio

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Vikki Wiercinski, designer at Mezzaluna Studio, is also Royal Bison's boss lady and a helluva wonderful human. Her first Bison as a vendor was in the Spring of 2008 and we are celebrating her ten year anniversary – CUE THE CONFETTI CANON!!! Mezzaluna Studio is all about bold colour and the joy of abstract pattern. It started a side project when Vikki was a full-time graphic designer many moons ago. The project was a runaway train and she now reimagines mid-century themes for modern times on fabric and paper on most days, earning her 2017's Maker of the Year award from Western Living magazine. You can keep up with Vikki's progress on instagram and read on down below to climb into the mind of one of Edmo's brightest creative stars:


RB: What draws you to making/designing things?
VIKKI: I really can't imagine any other kind of life for myself. I've been drawing since I was little, went to an arts high school and straight into art/design school after that. I love the mix of ideas, experimentation, aesthetics and business brains it takes to have a go at being a maker and designer - it gets me up in the morning. Offering people a way to easily inject some joy into their everyday through textiles and home furnishings is a dream job and I'm so happy to be able to do it. Sometimes I have to really stop and absorb that this is the life I've managed to make for myself!

RB: What’s new for your line/business this spring?
VIKKI: I'm working on more paper goods - I've got a brand new perpetual calendar, and coming soon is a blank recipe book and some large prints of my more well-known patterns. I would love to design duvet covers and wallpapers...


RB: What’s in your designer/maker/creative plans for 2018?
VIKKI: I always have more patterns and colourways cooking, and ideas for all sorts of  different mediums (pillows, duvet covers, paper prints, rugs, it goes on). I am going to visit Australia for a month this summer, and I can't wait to soak up the design scene in Melbourne - they might be as crazy about patterns over there as I am.

RB: Tell us about a few of your designer/maker/creative crushes:
VIKKI: Heavyhitters: Atelier Bingo, Inaluxe, Lucienne Day and Maija Louekari/Marimekko. Closer to home: Loyal Loot, Division 12, and every single Royal Bison maker who shows up to the fair with a fresh new design experiment to show the world. There is so much to take inspiration from...

You can find the full breadth of Vikki's vibrant work online at



Grab Some Vibrant Locally Inspired Prints From Stephanie Simpson Illustration

Stephanie Simpson Illustration draws her inspiration from the local environment, like city landmarks, Rocky Mountain scenes, and animals found in different parts of Canada. Stephanie prints and cuts all of her illustrated prints herself using archival papers and inks. She first started making in 2015 and will be joining us for her first Bison on the December weekend! You can find Stephanie's work progressing on instagram (@stephanie.illustratesand read on down below to see what inspires Stephanie to draw!


Q: What does it mean to be an Edmonton maker/designer/artist?
SSI: To me, it means being part of such a generous community – of inclusive makers and artists who are keen to share what they know, and of individuals, businesses, and institutions that are excited to support the incredible work being made in the city. 

Q: What are your top 3 influences (artists, things, etc)?
SSI: Alberta-y things (landmarks, mountains, bison), old travel artwork, and kids’ books (a hotbed of illustration talent!).   

Q: Favourite Bison item you’ve picked up at a previous fair?
SSI: A set of animal notecards by Gabe Wong. Giving them away was painful!

Do yourself a favour and swing on by Stephanie's shop before seeing her work in person this weekend here: and read on down below to see what other accomplishments Steph has been up to!

My work was included in the Edmonton Made gift catalogue, and was included in an associated installation in the Gibson Block space back in September. There’s a short article about my working being in the catalogue (alongside other Bisoneers!) here: Edmonton Arts Council article

In addition to working as an illustrator, I’m also a photographer and newbie filmmaker, and made a short documentary in January that picked up some nice press: CBC article, + Huffington Post article.

Stephanie Simpson herself!

Stephanie Simpson herself!