Get Off The Grid With Treibholz Designs

Markus Roth and Loni Johnson, of Treibholz Designs, have been experimenting with leather and wood since August 2014. Their quality is made obvious by the precision and functionality rendered in every piece.  Their values strongly lie in tradition and quality, the driving force behind everything they do. The two work together from their studio in Kelowna BC, to bring you heirloom quality, leather pieces. They'll be joining us for our November weekend of the fair and you can keep up with their fascinating lives on instagram / facebook. We're really looking forward to having their folksy charm around!

craft culture 3.jpg
Horween Collection.jpg

Everything they do has seen hours of dedication and every material that they use is top notch. Exploration was what first brought the two together, what spawned their dream of Treibholz, and what drives them forward today.

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This March they started an adventure of turning a regular old school bus into a tiny home/studio on wheels! Their goal for the Spring is to have their new wheels fully renovated into a functioning work/living space. Being nomads has taught them how to live modestly, use only what they need and to always support what’s local and authentic.

Head on over to to check out their full site and its beautiful shop!