Puns For Days With The Fine Art Of Heather Buchanan

Heather Buchanan is back to join us on our December weekend of Royal Bison and holey-moley are we excited to have her! Bringing her pun-heavy sense of humour to canvas, Heather mixes her richly-honed fine arts skills with light hearted pop-culture references and achieves something both harmonious and hilarious. You can check out what she gets up to on the regular on both her instagram / twitter accounts and do read on down below to see what her inspirations are in our Q&A:


Q: What does it mean to be an Edmonton maker/designer/artist?
HB: As a Calgary artist, I’m sometimes jealous of what it means to be an Edmonton artist. Both cities have a similar vibe of enthusiasm and collaboration as a reaction to being in Big Oil territory. But there is definitely something special about Edmonton.

Q: What are your top 3 influences (artists, things, etc)?
HB: Lately I can’t stop looking at vintage sci-fi heroines – the weird, crafty, feminine power. I love the paintings of John Currin so much. And everything Wayne White has ever done or said.

Q: Favourite Bison item you’ve picked up at a previous fair?
HB: Last year I came home with this collection of small objects – pins, patches, sticker packs, wee illustrations. Tiny bits of strange magic. Eyeballs and screaming faces and screne mountains. I cherish every piece!

Wanna see more of Heather's work? Of course you do! Head on over to www.heatherbuchanan.ca now too see her work and check out that shop! And if you're looking for more to read on her check out this article and cover shot of her for Branded Magazine!

That there is the good kind of weird, folks!

That there is the good kind of weird, folks!