Facilitating Deep Discussions via Ryspot Design

Ryan Spotowski, of Ryspot Design, first joined us in 2017 and he's back to bring us some thoughtfully designed concrete pieces. Ryspot Design creates new perceptions of our urban environments. These provoking objects are wonderful talking pieces and OFTEN have people needing to touch them to really feel their full depth. We're super excited to have Ryan vending with us again! You can keep up with Ryspot's progress on instagram/twitter (@ryspot) and do read on down below to get a better understanding of what inspires Ryan to create!


RB: What draws you to making/designing things?
RYSPOT: It’s how I have a conversation with others.  I like to talk by making things.  My design is my voice.

RB: What’s new for your line/business this spring?
RYSPOT: I’m incorporating more recycled materials for my core tables and terrazzo products.  They’re also a new line of terrazzo products.


RB: What’s in your designer/maker/creative plans for 2018? 
RYSPOT: Keep pursuing recycled materials, but also working on how objects can help to facilitate difficult conversations. I’m frustrated with how combative we’ve become as social groups that live in our own little bubbles. I hope people can still talk to people they disagree with and have a respectful conversation. Design can help with those conversations by becoming a common reference point.

RB: Tell us about a few of your designer/maker/creative crushes:
RYSPOT: My cupboards are full of mugs by Stranger Goods and Sam Knopp.

Check out Ryan's full line of beautiful design work at


Bold. Beautiful. Beton Brut Design.

Amanda Nogier, of Béton Brut Design, is bringing us her gorgeous concrete work again! We can't wait to see her new pieces. Béton Brut Design is a concrete jewelry and home décor company utilizing handmade and industrial processes. Amanda is one of the most pleasant people on Earth to talk to as well, do yourself a favour and introduce yourself if her booth isn't being swamped with purchases! You can keep up with Béton Brut Designs progress on instagram or twitter (@betonbrutdesign) and keep on reading to see what has been inspiring Amanda to create lately and what she has in store for 2018!


RB: What draws you to making/designing things?
BBD: There is nothing that makes me happier than being able to spend my day designing and working with my hands creating beautiful objects from ordinary materials.

RB: What’s new for your line/business this spring?
Now that I have perfected my process I have been hard at work in the studio designing an entire line of new jewelry that utilizes my industrial design background and 3D modelling expertise.


RB: What’s in your designer/maker/creative plans for 2018?
BBD: My 2018 is essentially me just focusing on designing new pieces and experimenting with some new processes that I have already been playing around with over the last couple months. I’m never going to stop pushing myself and my work to new levels and 2018 will be another year of experimenting and testing to make unique pieces unlike anything seen before.

RB: Tell us about a few of your designer/maker/creative crushes:
BBD: Honestly I tend to crush on the people closest to me because there are so many rad people doing amazing things that are right beside me in the markets and shows that I attend. I am lucky to be surrounded by friends who do awesome things!

You can check out the rest of Amanda's amazing portfolio of work by heading on over to


Dress For Adventure with Flannel Foxes

Flannel Foxes, Bison staples since spring of 2016, are joining us again and we couldn't be happier to climb into our new adventuring gear! Megan, Brittni, and Mike, owners of Flannel Foxes, had this to say of their brand: "Flannel Foxes is a nostalgic brand inspired by life in the Canadian West. We take inspiration from our home and native land to bring you high quality, well designed, practical clothing." Amen to that! You can keep up with the nostalgia train on instagram (@flannelfoxes) or twitter (@flannelfoxes) and read on down below to see what's been inspiring the trio of adventurers these days:


RB: What draws you to making/designing things?
FOXES: We grew up camping and exploring Canada’s western provinces, carrying a deep appreciation for what these lands have to offer. We aspire to make clothes that share the best of Canada West. It's also another design creative for Mike and Brit, in a less structured environment than the world of advertising or barbering.

RB: What’s new for your line/business this spring?
FOXES: We have a variety of new hats, shirts, and pennants coming out in time for Royal Bison, all inspired by the theme of the Western Canadian road trip. 


RB: What’s in your designer/maker/creative plans for 2018?
FOXES: We're focusing on the theme of road trips this summer. It's the inspiration behind the graphics on our new hats and shirts. We plan to take a few road trips, so we'll also be sharing the best places to visit through social media and our website. This summer we have a variety of collaborations, parties, and pop-ups planned, so stay tuned!

RB: Tell us about a few of your designer/maker/creative crushes:
FOXES: Mountains & Monsters. Hamburger Hands. Adrian Martinus.

Minimal, rad, nostalgic. WE LOVE IT! Check out the rest of their stock at