Adamson and Son: Premium Hand-Crafted Leather Goods

Shaun Adamson, of Adamson and Son, is back with his rad leather goods! He first joined us in December of 2017 and just like his impeccable work, he was a perfect fit! Shaun had this to say of his products: "I make handmade leather goods with the best materials I can find. I strive for simple functionality and to showcase the materials that I use. " Catch him at the Bison from December 7-9, keep up with Shaun's work on Instagram (@adamsonandson), and read on to learn what inspires Shaun!

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Royal Bison: What draws you to making or designing things?
Adamson and Son:
It really comes out of a need for a piece or something to have a specific function. I started making leather goods when I wanted a knife roll and carried with a belt and wallet for myself. I really like to think about how I can make things to meet people’s needs. Leather is such a cool product and I love all the different things that you can do with it.

RB: What’s new for your line or business this season?
I’m always on the hunt for new and unique leathers and I have so many ideas that I just haven’t taken the time to carry out the whole prototyping process.

RB: What do you think sets your work apart from similar makers or designers?
I often wonder this myself, but I think it’s just the simplicity and the character of the materials that I use.

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RB: How do you feel about being a part of the Edmonton creative community?
Oh man! We have so many good markets here and so many people who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

RB: Please gush about a few of your designer, maker, or creative crushes!
I recently picked up a couple prints (actually it was a trade for a belt… how great is that?!?) from Stephanie Simpson to put in my son’s room that are beautiful. My wife and I also love our Kalika Bowlby mugs and Prospero Pottery bowl that we got at Bison. And I’ve enjoyed getting to know Like Grandpa Grooming Products at the markets and using his grooming products.

RB: Do you have a favourite holiday tradition you can share with us?
Growing up, my family used to spread out all the wrapping paper and take a photo of us all lying in it. It hasn’t happened in a while; maybe this is the year to bring it back!

Learn more about Adamson and Son and what they’ll be bringing to the Royal Bison on their website:

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Adamson and Son Brings Their Premium Custom-Made Leather Goods To Bison

Shaun Adamson, of Adamson and Son, is back with his rad leather goods!! He first joined us in December of 2017 and just like his impeccable work, he was a perfect fit! Shaun had this to say of his products: "I make handmade leather goods. I started by making functional pieces for myself, my family, and my friends and it just grew from there. I really like to make functional goods that people use and love for a long time." It really is stunning to see leather look as good as his does... Keep up with Shaun's progress on instagram (@adamsonandson) and read on down below for a good look at what makes Shaun tick!

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RB: What draws you to making/designing things?
A&S: I really like to make things people want, need, and will use. I actually spent most of my life thinking I was creative, but since I’ve been working with leather lots of people have complimented me on my creativity. I still doubt it sometimes, but I just really like simple things that practical and well made that will last a long time.

RB: What’s new for your line/business this spring?
A&S: I’m working on a purse prototype based on my mother-in-law’s and my mom’s requests. I’m still prototyping, but hoping to have it finished for Mother’s Day!


RB: What’s in your designer/maker/creative plans for 2018 (new materials? New ideas? New places?):
A&S: I think I have a leather shopping problem, ie. I like to buy every kind of cool and interesting leather I can find, but I’m trying to not have too many choices, so I’m trying to pare down to 5-ish best selling and most popular colours (although, I will likely still have fun one-offs and limited runs every once in a while). I also feel like I haven’t created a really new piece for a long time and I look forward to being able to do more of that (so if there is anything you’re looking for, let me know!)

RB: Tell us about a few of your designer/maker/creative crushes:
A&S: Oh man! I have so many! I really like Greg from Ryaton, the idea of making shoes seems really daunting. Further away, focusing on leather goods, I like Odin Leather Goods in Texas, One Star Leather Goods in California, and I’ve been really impressed with Little King Goods in Ontario. Locally, we have multiple Justine Ma pieces in our house, an Edmonton Neighbourhood Maps, and a Folk Fest print from Snow Alligator--I guess I like things that go on walls. Most of my pieces are named after the person who first bought it or inspired the design, which I think is just cool, so I suppose you could say my biggest inspiration is the people who buy my goods! <<< Check out Shaun's full line of products here!

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