Celebrate The Simple, Beautiful Moments Of Everyday Life With Kalika Bowlby Pottery

Kalika Bowlby Pottery makes objects to slow us down in a busy world. They are objects that invite us to set the table, take time to prepare and share a meal, reminders that eating and drinking can nourish us on many levels, objects to help us celebrate the simple, beautiful moments of every day. Kalika started working in pottery in 2006 and joining us for her first Bison in 2014. She will be joining us again for the December weekend of our fair and we're super excited to see her new work! You can find her amazing work on instagram (@kalikabowlbyand read on down below to see how she responded to our questionnaire:

kalika-facet mugs.jpg

Q: What does being a Canadian maker mean to you?
KBP: It means connecting with people.  It means making objects with care to bring more nourishment into people's daily life. 

Q: What are your top 3 influences (artists, things, etc)?
KBP: My garden-growing and sharing food are some of my favourite things and they constantly inspire the objects I make. Simplicity and craftsmanship- I strive to make timeless objects with attention to all the detail. Design and architecture that focus on functionality and spaciousness. 

Q: Favourite Bison item you’ve picked up at a previous fair?
KBP: Salt and pepper shakers from Tomnuk-they are part of every meal! And this bold but minimal brass bracelet from Hunt Amor.

Head on over to www.kalika.ca to check out the full collection of Kalika's work. It's bonkers good!

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Kalika- nest serving bowl.jpg
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Tote Bags by Jordan Blackburn!


TOTE BAG ALERT: it’s almost Bison weekend and you know we’ve got all sorts of new swag up our sleeve - this WINTER 2017 season our tote bags are designed by artist Jordan Blackburn and are we EVER in love with that Bison riding the tiniest monster truck! What!

The first 10 people through the door on both Friday nights  (Nov 24 and Dec 1, 2017) get a tote bag full of loot, and a limited number of tote bags are up for grabs at the swag table!  Thanks to BlacknWhyte Screenprinting for the killer job printing these up, they are the best to work with!



Keepin' it weird with Borys Tarsenko of Milkhorse


Artist Borys Tarasenko makes his return to the Royal Bison for both weekends! You may remember him from the Spring 2016 tote bag design, and generally blowing our minds with his take on religious iconography. The son of a parish priest, Borys is not a typical believer. He grew up surrounded by Ukrainian iconography, but slowly departed from Catholicism as he grew up. Now he doesn't believe in any higher power. But religion is still a big part of his life, and he faithfully attends St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church in Edmonton at least once a week. That continued connection to church and art keep his art brain going - read more in the Edmonton Journal.

This season he's bringing some pyrography with him as well as some work featuring a new style of abstract linework. We couldn't be more stoked, Borys makes Edmonton wonderfully weird! Follow him on instagram



Q: What does it mean to be an Edmonton maker/designer/artist?
BT: It means you’re part of a small community of excited weirdos, and that you have a real
opportunity to help shape the cultural identity of this beautiful, blue-collar city. It feels like
Edmonton is largely still figuring itself out, and we get to not only see that happen but be a part of its crystallization process. Also, we may be able to afford a house someday, unlike some
other Canadian cities.

Q: What are your top 3 influences (artists, things, etc)?
BT: Yeah I’m a thief... Always been into the work of Brad Neely. His one-panel comics, “animations”,basically any of his content. Read a lot of Doug TenNapel comics early on, Tomi Ungerer’s posters... and more recently my linework feeds off the drawings of Louise Bourgeois. I come from a Ukrainian Catholic family and I still go to church a lot. The byzantine iconography pushes its way into my brain, and I get time to think at church which can be important. Sorry that’s more than three. I’m always eating content.

Q: Favourite Bison item you’ve picked up at a previous fair?
BT: Nigel Hood made this beautiful print of logos he designed for all the ghost towns in Alberta. It has a quote from Rudyard Kipling which lead us to discover that Kipling has a weird connection to this province. Also soap.

Fashionably Handcrafted Clothing And Accessories Of Nor Official

Welcome newcomer Sherri Cardona, of Nor Official! Sherri's designer handcrafted clothing and accessories are all made here in Edmonton in her downtown studio apartment. Of her brand she says "I create pieces that are comfortable, beautiful and simple." We can really get behind that! Sherri first started making in 2016, and will be joinging us for the first time for the November weekend of our fair! You can find Nor Officlal on both instagram / twitter and do read on down below to check out how she responded to our Q&A: 


Q: What does it mean to be an Edmonton designer?
It means a lot to get to be a part of this growing community of young creative entrepreneurs. I'm always inspired by other artists to pursue our passions. I love supporting local and bringing something unique to Edmonton!

Q: What are your top 3 influences?
People on the streets, other cultures, and decades from the past.

Q: Favourite item you've picked up from the previous year:
This will be my first time and I'm excited to pick up some new things!

Head on over to www.norofficial.com to Check out Sherri's full collection!