NickBossRoss Art

Brand new vendor alert (soooo many exciting new peeps this spring!): NickBossRoss Art. Nick got his start designing movie posters, and we love seeing where his work has spread:

“I am an artist that focuses on movie posters, and local landmarks. I also dabble in creative writing, comedy, and poetry.”


What was the first thing you ever made (no matter how gnarly it was)?

I started off designing posters for Metro Cinema. The first one was The Beatles documentary Eight Days a Week. It was just a drawing of their signature mop top and that’s it.


What is the hardest / most challenging part of being a maker?

Finding your style.


How do you stay motivated when you face these types of challenges?

Just keep drawing and making things until it finds you.

Describe your current creative process in 3 words. Inspiration.

Procrastination. Creation.


\ \ \ BONUS QUESTION / / /

 If you have a studio pet(s), what kind of companion animal are they? My plants.

Name? Plant #1, Plant #2, Plant #3… etc. '

Age? 2 year

Any distinct personality trait of theirs? They are alive.