Bison 101

Bison Car.jpg

It’s here! It’s time! Let’s Bison! Here are the very important details for the Spring 2019 Royal Bison event.


Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre
8426 Gateway Blvd (just north of the farmer’s market)


Friday: 5-9
Saturday: 10-5
Sunday: 10-4


3 dollars, but kids get in free

Getting There

If you’re driving, the farmer’s market lot is across the street. But we encourage you to walk, bike, or even pogo-stick your way to Old Strathcona, yeah? You can even get your bike tuned up on Saturday and Sunday by Troubadour Cycles!


We’ve got 70+ of the most incredible/talented/weird vendors from Edmonton and across Western Canada packed into two rooms of never-ending-awesomeness. Art, prints, jewelry, apparel, leather goods, photos, stuff for kids, vodka, books, coffee & snacks, a photo booth, and a lot that defies one-word descriptions!

How Do I Buy Stuff?

Straight from the vendors. Cash is great, and most vendors have the means to take credit card payments. Some can take debit, but we’ve also got two cash machines on site.

What If I Get Hungry? Thirsty?

The fine folks from Coffee Bureau will be there all weekend, serving up the best coffee on the planet (a bold statement we stand firmly behind), as well as all sorts of tasty treats. For stamina.

What If I Don’t Like Big Crowds?

It can get a little busy in there at times, we know. If you’re not big on crowds, try visiting us on Friday evening, later on Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning. You may find it blissfully calm at those times.

What’s A Mother’s Day?

It’s this weekend. Wink wink nudge nudge.