Nor Official

A giant welcome back to the Bison to Sherri Cardona of Nor Official! Sherri’s been bringing her most excellent line of apparel to the fair since 2017, and it’s always such a treat to see what she’s making. Here’s how she describes her work:

“I make comfortable, beautiful women’s clothing and modern minimal leather fanny packs. I design and hand craft all of the pieces at my apartment studio in downtown Edmonton and value ethical and sustainable fashion.

36674171_10160506683810640_7992244791310024704_n (1).jpg

What was the first thing you ever made (no matter how gnarly it was)?

It was a denim skirt and a matching denim snap top for my high school fashion show haha.


What is the hardest / most challenging part of being a maker?

Managing my time with two full time jobs.


How do you stay motivated when you face these types of challenges?

I like to design and create new things that keep me inspired and excited.

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Describe your current creative process in 3 words.

Slow, Fun, Inspiring.