The Royal Bison has been truckin’ on for a good while now, and we have a few vendors pop in and out who have been there since the beginning. Today we’re featuring the incredible work of Genevieve Savard’s VEVILA line of leather goods and accessories. Genevieve has been a maker for 14 years and she reminds us that “I participated in the very first Royal Bison. I sold purses and feather earrings under the label Myrtle and Pearls.” - we’ve got nothin’ on that kind of history!


Genevieve is a self-taught accessories designer, trained in costume making. Obsessed with materials and traditional handicrafts, each of her pieces is unique and made with great attention to detail and a sense of humour.


Genevieve tells us some Deep Edmonton tidbits: “The first purse I ever designed was made from an old, olive leather jacket for a local fashion company called Nokomis. I loved it and I asked the owner (Virginia) if I could keep one as my Christmas present. I still have it. My studio is in my home and I have 2 cats. A ginger, Alberta farm-cat named Pipi and a black, Montreal street-rat named Paul Krugman. They love to hate each other!”


Catch Vevila’s breathtaking work at the Spring 2019 Bison - can anyone say Mother’s Day gift? Like, if your mom was Moira Rose off of Schitt’s Creek (we’re kidding, but mayyyybe?)