Huge welcome to brand new Bison vendor María Alvarez Malvido of Fotohilachas! Maria is from Mexico City, and is here in Edmonton as a graduate student at the U of A. We’re very lucky to have her in YEG, and we’re absolutely in love with her work! Here’s what she has to say about it:

“I capture images through my camera, then I print them and then I find a way to alter them with threads...something that I later learnt was called photo-embroidery.”


What was the first thing you ever made (no matter how gnarly it was)?

I have been photographing since I was a teenager, but I first embroidered one of them when I printed a black and white photo I took of my mom and gave it to her as a Birthday present.


What is the hardest / most challenging part of being a maker?

For me the most challenging part is finding the time to to sit down and find my own pace in crazy Mexico City. Just taking the time to enjoy listening to music and create what my hands dictate.


How do you stay motivated when you face these types of challenges?

Taking new photos and finding a music album that I want to listen thoroughly. Also, exploring different sizes, papers and techniques.


Describe your current creative process in 3 words.

Free, spontaneous and meditative.

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\ \ \ BONUS QUESTION / / /

If you have a studio pet(s), what kind of companion animal are they?

Name? Ceiba. I adopted her as a puppy. She was recently described by a stranger as a mix of a stray dog and a pitbull...he may be right. Her name is the name of my favourite tree, which is sacred in many parts of Mexico.
Age? 2 years
Any distinct personality trait of theirs? Inteeeeeeense! One of the reasons she became the manager of Fotohilachas.