Mother's Day Gift Guide

OK, all: this Sunday is Mother’s Day! If you’ve got a mom you wanna celebrate, take her for brunch or whatever and then, may we suggest you bring her to Royal Bison? Dare we even suggest that she can choose her own gift as you wander the aisles, a cup of Coffee Bureau in hand? Well, if you wanna pre-pick something for her, this Bison demurs, and here’s some ideas for you!

1) New vendor, Oil and Birch will be bringing these bold, tarot inspired ceramics. For your "tender-yet-tough" moms.

2) Angie Sotiropoulos is a narrative based mixed media artist creating small sculptural works and illustrations about the Society of Curious Creatures. Find her museum-esque egg collections long with drawings and prints.

3) Get the perfect gift AND save the planet?! Simpatico Makers will be offering beeswax warps in fun patterns.

4) Don’t forget the card! Celebrate your Best Mom with adorable letterpress cards by Homework Letterpress Studio.

5) Mariah Barnaby-Norris and Erin Nagy (This Might Work Creative) are teaming up this year as a new vendor, bringing rad illustrative goods and products. We are OVARY excited to have them.

6) This porcelain cloud tea set is perfect for a few cups of tea with your favourite mother. Mynthia McDaniel (Mynthia), a ceramic artist based in Calgary, is making a special trip to Bison with her goodies!

7) Mothers Day has a special significant to new perfume vendor, Evocatif Natural Perfume : “because my late mother Donna had terrible allergies to synthetic fragrances! She is the heart and soul of Evocatif Perfumes natural stance, we even designed a special perfume just for her; MoonQueen.”

8) Esmahan from Buno Design will be bringing these semi precious macrame bracelets for Mother’s Day. Their designs are sustainable and handcrafted, using recycled beads, reclaimed old jewelry and vintage pieces.