Father's Day Gift Guide

Can we take a second to remind you that Father’s Day is around the corner too? We have tons of gift ideas for all parents, all genders, and all ages! Read on:

1) We think these pins by Infant Industrial Complex speak for themselves. Because “it's hard trying to be a parent who doesn't swear, because being a parent also increases the need to swear exponentially”. Obvs.

2) New Bison vendor, Ruta Nichol, loves to make minimalistic, adorable ceramics for adorable people . These fridge magnets are perfect for all loved ones, because “we are all kings and queens to someone or many”.

3) Got a hip, music-loving, Bowie-channelling dad in your life? You can't go wrong with these awesome dolls by Colour Me Weird.

4) Nick Boss Ross is an Edmonton illustrator who loves movies and pop culture. He is currently doing a series of Edmonton movie theatres.

5) Beautiful, handmade, wax canvas goods by Copper Cherry are back! This time, with an all new, all-black collection. Perfect for those who love adventure!

6) We’re excited to welcome back Drwbnsn Illustrations & junk! He’ll be slinging pins, screen prints, and more - Including this “Foot Meat” poster.

7) Dads always need new socks. Keep him cool with these modern patterns by Urban Drawer!

8) Still don't know what to get dad? You can never go wrong with anything by Strathcona Spirits.