Copper Cherry

Jessica Nepton-Chayer of Copper Cherry makes the most incredible canvas and leather goods. Her bags are both beautiful and seemingly indestructible. We’re super-pumped to have her back for another round of the Bison. Here’s what she has to say about her work:

“I’m an industrial designer that has started a line of canvas and leather outdoor goods. My goods are designed with a sense of nostalgia; a bit of old school and some modern utilities for the city dwellers who wish to bring adventure with them.”


What was the first thing you ever made (no matter how gnarly it was)?

In my Grand-pa’s wood shop I would carve stuff (dogs and flowers) with this old electric heat chisel on his
wood scraps. My grand-ma still has them displayed in her house, plus my first wood turned lamps.


What is the hardest / most challenging part of being a maker?

Being original in a sea of repetion.


How do you stay motivated when you face these types of challenges?

Deep breaths and a social Media Break.


Describe your current creative process in 3 words.

Solve Problems Better


\ \ \ BONUS QUESTION / / /

If you have a studio pet(s), what kind of companion animal are they?
Name? Bichou, shitzu/bichon
Age? 13 YRS
Any distinct personality trait of theirs? Always looks cute/angry, senile.
Name? Fisher, the golden
Age? 1 YR
Any distinct personality trait of theirs? Always happy, annoying.