Amit & Kol

Weeee, another brand new and exciting vendor for the Royal Bison to preview! Hooray! Today, let’s all welcome Amanda Grigor of Amit & Kol. She tells us that the Spring 2019 Bison will be her first fair ever - double hooray!


What was the first thing you ever made (no matter how gnarly it was)?

As far back as I can remember...I used to draw Super Dog a lot! It was a wiener dog with a cape! I would always write SUPER DOG! above it, as if it wasn’t obvious enough! lol.  The first monster I ever made was Grimwall(grumpy yellow guy)who you will often see on my sites.  He has become the amit & kol mascot and is not afraid to show how he feels.


What is the hardest / most challenging part of being a maker?

Being my own toughest critic.  It can be a little daunting...sharing a piece of yourself and your work.  This is all new to me and i think it will definitely be a year of learning and growth, not only as a maker but a person as well.  


How do you stay motivated when you face these types of challenges?

I try to remind myself that anything worth doing isn’t easy(risky!unpredictable!yet fulfilling!)And I just need to own who I am, trust myself, be proud of what I am doing, know that I love them(not everyone has to)and remember that what I am doing and creating brings great happiness to my life and at the end of the day that’s what really matters. My hope is that people will find something special in them and enjoy them as much as I do!

I also try my best not to overthink things but attack them with confidence(just go for it!) and then everything just kind of flows better and I get a lot accomplished. I always stick to my first initial instinct when it comes to putting colours..etc. together.  If I am unsure of how I feel about what I’m working on..I usually put it aside, do something else and come back to it later. Clarity usually comes along that way and my heart has to be totally in it. Biggest Motivation! is the sheer excitement radiating through me every time I finish a monster!


Describe your current creative process in 3 words.

Inspiration, Imagination, Celebration!


/ / / BONUS QUESTION \ \ \

If you have a studio pet(s), what kind of companion animal are they?

Kolby my 3 year old Sharpei! She is the kol of amit & kol.  She has so much personality and is a total character.  Something she does that makes me smile everyday is whenever we get ready to go for a walk..I always have a bunch of knots in my boot laces that take me forever to undo(and I keep doing it!ugh) but while she’s waiting..she rests her jowls on the window sill and all I hear is snoring! Lol I’m like do I really take that long?