Urban Drawer: Fun, Modern Patterns for Your Feet

Run by the talented sister duo of Natalie and Vanessa Frederick, Urban Drawer is an Edmonton-based sock and accessories company with a passion for fine details. They design unique, fun, and modern patterns for men, women, and kids to fit your everyday lifestyle! Catch them at the Bison both weekends, follow them on Instagram (@shopurbandrawer) and Twitter (@shopurbandrawer) to see more of their work and read on to discover what inspires these sisters!

Urban Drawer 1

Royal Bison: What draws you to making or designing things?
Urban Drawer:
When it comes to designing sock patterns, expressions without words draw me in.

RB: What’s new for your line or business this season?
This season we have updated how we've branded our socks. Plus, we are excited to share new designs made with softer materials.

RB: What do you think sets your work apart from similar makers or designers?
Our mix of colour and geometric feel. Our designs are modern and abstracts of everyday things.

Urban Drawer 2

RB: How do you feel about being a part of the Edmonton creative community?
We feel privileged to be part of Edmonton's unique and thriving creative community.

RB: Please gush about a few of your designer, maker, or creative crushes!
Really love the products and the whole vibe of the stationary brand, Baron Fig.

RB: Do you have a favorite holiday tradition you can share with us?
Going outdoor skating on New Year’s Day!

Visit Urban Drawer’s website to discover more of the styles they’ll be bringing to the Royal Bison: www.shopurbandrawer.com

Urban Drawer 3