Concrete Cat: Concrete Objets d'Art

A local studio established in 2007, Concrete Cat has been a regular vendor at the Bison since 2011! They’re a team of artists creating sculpture, objects, and architecture. They explore the use of concrete with a focus on colour pattern and form. Catch them at the Bison from November 30 to December 2, follow them on Instagram (@concretecat) and Twitter (@concretecat) to see more of their work and read on to discover what inspires them to create!

Concrete Cat 1

Royal Bison: What draws you to making or designing things?
Concrete Cat:
Have to.

RB: What’s new for your line or business this season?
New colours, patterns, objects, and secrets!

RB: What do you think sets your work apart from similar makers or designers?
We pioneered a new genre 12 years ago. We're one of the oldest studios producing concrete as objet d'art; our work is sold and recognized globally by our unique surface pattern design alone. We do not rest easy on these laurels and take it upon ourselves to always be innovating. No one else combines art and science the way Concrete Cat does.

Concrete Cat 2

RB: How do you feel about being a part of the Edmonton creative community?

RB: Please gush about a few of your designer, maker, or creative crushes!
Eiichiro Oda's prolific work has long been a source of both inspiration and hope for our work. Our studio wouldn't have been the same without the sounds of Danish musician Dinner. And last but not least the roots of all our pattern and design work can be traced back to the work of Baudrillard and Joseph Campbell.

RB: Do you have a favourite holiday tradition you can share with us? 
Drink nog, eat chocolate, and play Nintendo. 

Visit Concrete Cat’s website to see more of the work they’ll be bringing to the Royal Bison:

Concrete Cat 3