Royal Bison Gift Guide - For your Weird Cousin

Don't know what to get your weird cousin this Christmas? Heck, you might be the Weird Cousin in your family - we got you, read on:

1. You can not go wrong by a t-shirt by Taco Skate, you just can't. Find their products both weekends at the Royal Bison!

2. Upper Dekker – So they have a sense of humour, eh? Find prints by Jeff Dekker Nov 30 - Dec 2!

3. The Witchery – Edmonton's witchcraft shop features spell kits, crystals, intense, and much more – Handmade by the Witch herself. Find magical goods both weekends Nov 30 – Dec 2 & Dec 7-9!

4. Edmonton artist, Ilaso will be at the Royal Bison with unique “little things” such as t-shirts and pins. Find these goodies during the Dec 7-9 weekend!

5. Hero Vintage Tees - Retro modern tees for those retro vibes - find their shirts over the Dec 7-9 weekend!

6. Rachel Murray Patches! Embroidery! Rad abstract blind contour designs! Find all sorts of ephemera, t-shirts, and more from this new vendor during the Dec 7-9 weekend!