Royal Bison Gift Guide - For the Office Secret Santas

What do you ever get for a coworker you drew for Secret Santa? And for, like, under $40? We think you’d do really well with:

1. Ochre Lea – Find Letterpress goods, travel masons, calendars, leather goods, all made by hand! Their one of a kind products and cheeky cards are super great - find them over both weekends Nov 30 – Dec 2 & Dec 7-9!

2. What is more thoughtful (and hip) than embroidery right now? Edmonton's Floral and Floss will be at the Nov 30 – Dec 2 weekend with new patterns and embroidery ornaments!

3. Everyone loves notebooks, right! New vendor, Cyanotype Paper Goods will be at the Dec 7-9 weekend with pattern notebooks, pocket mirrors, and maybe even some snazzy wrapping paper!

4. Calgary artist Heather Buchanan's enamel pins are hilariously perfect. And she's got so many designs that you can't NOT find a gift at her booth! Find Heather during the Nov 30 – Dec 2 weekend!

5. Like Grandpa – Edmonton's all natural grooming brand includes products like after shave, beard & shampoo bars, and beard oils. Find them Dec 7-9!

6. Handmade, all-natural, essential oil bar soaps by Westmount Soap Company are safe for everyone and for your whole body! Plus they’re coded by neighbourhood! Find them Dec 7-9!