Royal Bison Gift Guide - For the Bookworms

Stay inside and enjoy a good read this winter! Find books and zines from local authors and creatives at the Bison, including:

1. Biblio-Bison – Find Edmonton's premier literary publishers and writers both weekends at the Royal Bison! Browse through their collection of local books, magazines, and learn about cool literature events happening in the city!

2. Local writer, artist, zine-creator Matt Prins will be back for both weekends of the Royal Bison with his very special reads.

3. Reading a good book requires a pair of warm socks! Calgary-based sock company, Friday Socks, brings Canadian-designed / Italian-made socks to the Royal Bison Nov 30 – Dec 2!

4. The Exit Workshop – These beautiful wool blankets will keep you warm over the holidays! Find their headwear, scarves, and other products during the Nov 30 – Dec 2 weekend!

5. Zine Machine – Can't get enough of zines? We know we can't! Find the zine distro during the Dec 7 - 9 weekend - feed it a loonie, and the Zine Machine will feed you a zine!