My Next Broken Heart: Soft & Sassy Shirts

Match your t-shirt to your mood with the simple, soft, and sassy t-shirts from My Next Broken Heart! Randee Armstrong of the fun brand describes the shirts as, “They’re tees that are easy to wear, incredibly soft, and a good way to express your daily mood.” Find your fit from them at the Bison from December 7 to 9, follow them on Instagram (@mynextbrokenheart), and read on to discover what inspires this t-shirt maker!

My Next Broken Heart 1

Royal Bison: What draws you to making or designing things?
My Next Broken Heart:
It’s a good creative outlet aside from photography. I just like to make things I want to use, wear, and hang on my walls.

RB: What’s new for your line or business this season?
Just a few new tees!

RB: What do you think sets your work apart from similar makers or designers?
I just think it’s really simple and people like simple things (I mean this in the best way possible). It’s nice to have things in your closet that you know you can just throw on, I’ve always been a jeans and t-shirt girl.

My Next Broken Heart 2

RB: How do you feel about being a part of the Edmonton creative community?
I’m in love with Edmonton and the people who live here. I find it is a very loving creative community.

RB: Please gush about a few of your designer, maker, or creative crushes!
I love Stitch Witch! And also RySpot, Stranger Design, Karma, Justine Ma…. honestly there are so so so many.

RB: Do you have a favourite holiday tradition you can share with us?
My daughter and I started a new one last year, instead of gifts we do an ‘event’... but it has to be something to do with the holidays!

Visit My Next Broken Heart’s website to see more of the products they’ll have at the Royal Bison:

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