Spring 2017 tote bag by Matt Prins

Our Spring 2017 tote bags are by the inimitable artist and writer Matt Prins! He’s got a fascination with online reviews and comment sections, with the often overly negative messages you find there that are tinged with unintended humour.  There's also something about the amount of energy it takes to write and how so many choose to spend that energy in that way. Matt says, “you have to have some conviction to sit down and write reviews and I'll never understand why people bother to do it”. Well, we’re sure glad he bothered to write a review for our tote bag. It's a laugh and a half. 

A limited edition of 100 bags will be available at the fair, and the first 10 people through the door Friday night will get a tote full of loot from Royal Bison vendors! See you Friday!