Rosa & Lilium Apothecary

We are excited to announce that pan-prairie-pals Lindsay and Carly of Rosa & Lilium Apothecary are returning for the Spring 2017 edition of the Royal Bison.  Already veterans of the fair, these two are always bringing something new.  Here's what they have to say about their work:

Rosa & Lilium Apothecary is a line of eco-conscious bath and body products crafted by hand in Alberta + Saskatchewan. Every ingredient used is listed on our product labels, so you will never have to question what you are putting on your body. You can confidently pamper yourself and know that your body and the environment will be better for it. New this spring, we will be introducing candles to our product line! 

Super duper.  Find Rosa & Lilium Apothecary at the Bison, May 5-7.  Until then, follow along with their Instagram.