Kalika Bowlby Pottery

Consider us delighted to welcome back one of our favourite veteran vendors, Kalika Bowlby Pottery.  This BC-based (and former Edmontonian) potter knocks it out of the park every single time.  Here's what she has to say about her work:

Kalka Bowlby is a ceramic artist and designer focused on craftsmanship, simplicity and functionality. Based in Golden, BC, Kalikamakes small batch contemporary ceramics sold in galleries and shops across the country.   Each object is made from concept to completion, including glaze and colour development in her home based studio. 

The Nest collection is focused on simplicity and intimacy.  The objects in the Nest collection are a tribute to basics.  They are modern interpretations of classic objects-mugs, bowls, butter dishes, teapots, buckets.  These are the objects of the everyday kitchen and table.  

The objects of the facet collection are created by cutting wheel thrown forms with a wire cheese slicer to create sharp angled facets below a soft rim.  Each object is cut and faceted by hand, creating an undulation and variation reminiscent of waves or the furrows of a freshly plowed field.  The cut forms have a soft geometry that varies with perspective and point of view. 

Excellent.  Find Kalika Bowlby Pottery May 5-7 at the Royal Bison.  Until then, we suggest you follow along with her Instagram.