Olivia Forsyth

New vendor alert! New vendor alert! Welcome to the Royal Bison Olivia Forsyth! We here at Team Bison were over-the-moon about Olivia's work, and we cannot wait to see it next weekend. Here's what Olivia has to say about her work:

I am a self taught feminist artist from Edmonton. I work with whatever materials I can get my hands on, although clay is the most important medium to me. My intention with my art is to encourage a sense of humour and humanity in the viewer. I work meticulously on each sculpture to give them life and character. The sculptures I create embody variousdichotomies which I find fascinating, such as ugly/cute, masculine/feminine, human/object, earthly/alien. The somewhat homely figures appear to be either melting into the earth or growing out of it, existing infinitely in an awkward in-between stage. Each piece is a wholehearted expression of myself and is made with lots of love. 
This is my first year at Royal Bison and I am so excited! In addition to my ceramic sculptures I'll also have hand drawn postcards, paintings, patches, pins, and zines! 

Yes! Yes yes yes! Find Olivia Forsyth May 5-7 at the Royal Bison.  Until then, follow along with her Instagram!