Snow Alligator

Veteran Bison vendor (and illustrator extraordinaire) Jason Blower is back for the Spring 2017 fair with his new project, Snow Alligator.  Always a treat at the Bison, you can see Jason's work across the city in various formats.  Here's what he has to say about this project:

Snow Alligator has happy things for you to decorate your home with, including prints of familiar landmarks, road trips, camping, and some whimsical adventures. Created to play homage to the memories of home and adventures outdoors, using a happy colourful palette and a clean Mid-Century modern style infused with folkart.   Snow Alligator also is focused on educational and crafty items for you little ones, where they are able to express their creative side while learning about familiar places and the history that those place have.  Created by illustrator @jasonblower, as a place to showcase all the whimsical and fun things he creates for your home and explore new and fun ideas.

Super duper!  Find Snow Alligator May 5-7 at the Royal Bison.  Until then, follow along on the Instagram.