Create Your Own Urban Jungle With The Terrariums Of Little Plant Shop

Little Plant Shop, previously known as Axis Mundi, is the brainchild of Sara Gies and has recently gone through some cosmetic changes – including a new loft sale space opening in December on Whyte Avenue (10462 82Ave). Sara makes each gorgeously built terrarium and plant-based accessories by hand and really takes the time to explain how to care for them to anyone who asks. It's been something she's be doing since 2012 and has been selling with us at Bison since 2013. Little Plant Shop will be joining us for the December weekend of our fair and you can follow along Sara's journey by following her on instagram (@littleplantshopyeg) / twitter (@yegplantshop) and do read on down below to see what inspires her to create each adorable little environment of hers:


Q: What does it mean to be an Edmonton maker/artist?
LPS: Being an Edmonton based artist gave us the opportunity to make a hobby into a farmers market/home business and now the ability to open a shop of our own on Whyte Ave!

Q: What are your top three influences?
LPS: Old-school horticulture, living art/design, and southern California style

Q: Favourite Bison item you picked up at a previous fair?
LPS: Sara's: Carl Sagan candle. Eric's: Cigar box amp

Check out their full collection before seeing them at person this December online at