Sylvia Soo Leather

We're so jazzed to welcome back designer and leatherworker (plus most recent Top 40 Under 40 winner) Sylvia Soo. Her leather goods are designed and created by Sylvia in her Edmonton studio. In addition to her growing and evolving collection that focuses on artisanal craftsmanship, minimalism and clean lines, Sylvia has launched two collaborative collections in the Fall of 2016.

The White Collection is a collaboration with Myrah Penaloza that features all white leather goods. The Kabuki Collection is a delightful collaboration between designer Sylvia Soo, artist Megan Stein, and restaurateur Ayumi Yuda.

THE KABUKI COLLECTION is a marriage of traditional Japanese drawing, "Canadian" silk screening, and artisanal leather craftsmanship - making this a truly unique and original collaboration.

We can't wait to check these amazing objects out in person - catch Sylvia at both weekends of the holiday Royal Bisons!