Bison Gift Guide - For Your Weird Cousin

The weird cousin - possibly the hardest person to shop for?  Don't worry, the Royal Bison has you covered.

1. Jeffrey Dekker - tremendous illustrations, including a now-famous series of bathroom-themed prints.

2. Erin Greenough - blackwork illustrator extraordinaire, with a focus on the medical and the macabre.

3. Little Taproot Apothecary - "...our concoctions are best described as the mystical treasures you might find tucked away in a 1970s Winnebago..."

4. Matt Prins - always delightful, silly, weird, and, sometimes, perverse.

5. Hamburger Hands - prints, illustration, and a t-shirt featuring a jazz playing dog, right!?!

6. Axis Mundi Artistry - expert terrarium makers, their arrangements and choices of containers is sure to delight.

7. The Witchery - spell kits, amulets, crystals, awesome.