Mountains and Monsters

Jasper based duo Meg and Ell of Mountains and Monsters were an absolute delight to have at the spring Royal Bison, and we're totally jazzed to have them back again for the winter fair.  Here's what they have to say about their work:

Mountains and Monsters are having so much fun right now, all they want to do is make more creatures! They love coming to Edmonton to share their mountain inspired creations with the city. Fur, flannel, wool, denim, and leather are making more of an appearance as the seasons change. While the days become shorter and the craft nights get longer, the colours become brighter and the monsters get weirder. This Christmas season they're bringing you new product in the form of pins, patches, pillows and plushies, so come channel your inner monster and check them out December 2-4 at the Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair!

Terrific.  These creatures/monsters/mountains are the best.  Seriously.  Check them out next weekend at the December 2-4 edition of the Bison.  You should also follow along with their Instagram, which is the best!  Oh, and check out this great interview from Kittenlife!