New vendor alert!  New vendor alert!  We are excited to introduce STUFF.  These screen printed animal pillows are awesome.  Here's what the gang at STUFF have to say about their work:

We (Erin Nagy + Shannon Fidler) met at the U of A in the design program and became fast friends; STUFF is the bi-product of this friendship! Starting it on a whim in the spring of 2015, we shared similar interests and aspirations for our design work so we decided to illustrate and produce STUFF that we are excited about and hoped others would be as well!

At the moment STUFF creates handmade pillows featuring screen printed animal illustrations, along with prints and notebooks featuring those illustrations. The first series is inspired by our surroundings, growing up in Edmonton, Alberta and being proud of our Canadian roots. This line is comprised of iconic Canadian animals. The newest line debuting at the Royal Bison this year will be featuring creatures from the always fascinating world under the Ocean!

Fantastic!  You'll find STUFF at the December 2-4 edition of the Royal Bison.  Until then, follow along on the Instagram!