The Exit Workshop

Winter is coming, and you'd best be prepared.  But don't worry, because The Exit Workshop is back again at the Bison, with all sorts of warm accessories!  We're very excited to have them back.  Here's what founder Gina Hargreaves has to say about her work:

The Exit Workshop is all about getting outside and having a good time. It all started with snowboarding - I've chased winter around the globe, and packing a toque has always been just as important as bringing my passport. Making toques and beanies was the jump-off point towards progressing the line to include giant scarves with leather details, and (*new for this year!*) camera straps. Everything has been inspired and tested throughout my adventures; whether you're throwing yourself off the side of a mountain on a snowboard or walking down down the block to grab a coffee, Exit Workshop's got you covered!

Fantastic.  You'll find The Exit Workshop at the December 9-11 edition of the Royal Bison.  Until then, follow along on the Instagram!