Smithstine Copper

Kristine McDonald of Smithstine Copper is an instant stand-out in the world of jewelry.  Now a Royal Bison veteran, it's been a real treat to see her work keep getting better and better over the years.  Here's what she has to say about her work:

Smithstine is my one-woman copper studio creating prairie inspired and custom jewelry for people with an adventurous spirit. Copper is the material of choice because of it's curious properties and uniqueness in jewelry making. This winter I will be bringing lots of new creatures and hand etched pieces to Royal Bison. I've also been doing more experimentation with soldering mixed metals to create interesting layers and textures. This year I have welcomed my newly adopted feline pals Franklin and Baffin into my home and studio. Their antics make the work day more interesting (and less productive) than ever.

Terrific.  You'll have the opportunity to see her work at both the December 2-4 and December 9-11 editions of the Royal Bison.  Until then, follow along on the Instagram!