Forge & Fell

New vendor alert!  Joining us for the second weekend of Royal Bison fun are Edmonton woodworkers Forge & Fell.  We're really excited about these folks - here's their story:

Forge & Fell began as most of our favourite stories do—around the dinner table at the family acreage on a Sunday afternoon with good food, a bottle of wine, and laughter. A passion project of building beautiful products just for fun turned into the seed of a business idea that planted strong roots and grew organically from there.
We draw inspiration from our heritage, with a line of makers and artisans before us that have taught us the beauty of creating with our hands, with joy and dedication. We craft modern furniture pieces and products that we are proud to have in our homes. We want our products to pass down from one generation to the next, creating memories and holding stories. We are true to the craft.
At Forge & Fell, you'll find a curated collection of custom designed home goods and furniture, perfect for any home style. Enjoy our mid-century-modern inspired cutting boards and coasters, perfect for food prep or entertaining. Give your living room the finishing rustic industrial touch with a live edge wood slab coffee table made with cypress cedar fresh from the coasts of British Columbia. No matter your style, we can craft a product to match. Bring home a modern heirloom today!

Terrific.  Check them out this weekend (Friday 5-9, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4) at the Royal Bison.  Until then, follow along on their Instagram.



Bison 101

It's here!  It's finally here!  Royal Bison go time!  Bison 101 gives you all the vital information you need:

Location: 8426 Gateway Blvd (Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre)

Hours: Friday 5-9, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4

Admission: 3 bucks, kids get in for free!

Parking: there's a big lot across the blvd, plus plenty of street parking near the venue

Vendors: 70 of the most amazing vendors you'll find just about anywhere

Payment: vendors accept cash, most accept credit, some accept debit, plus we will have ATMs on site

Food: delicious eats, drinks, and snacks from the fine folks at Elm Cafe and District Cafe & Bakery

Fun: of course you'll have fun!

Bison Gift Guide - For Your Weird Cousin

The weird cousin - possibly the hardest person to shop for?  Don't worry, the Royal Bison has you covered.

1. Jeffrey Dekker - tremendous illustrations, including a now-famous series of bathroom-themed prints.

2. Erin Greenough - blackwork illustrator extraordinaire, with a focus on the medical and the macabre.

3. Little Taproot Apothecary - "...our concoctions are best described as the mystical treasures you might find tucked away in a 1970s Winnebago..."

4. Matt Prins - always delightful, silly, weird, and, sometimes, perverse.

5. Hamburger Hands - prints, illustration, and a t-shirt featuring a jazz playing dog, right!?!

6. Axis Mundi Artistry - expert terrarium makers, their arrangements and choices of containers is sure to delight.

7. The Witchery - spell kits, amulets, crystals, awesome.


Bison Gift Guide - For The Art Lover

The Royal Bison has all of your holiday shopping solutions, including gifts for the art lover!

1. JimShootsFilm - Edmonton based film photographer brings you shots from some strange and beautiful places.

2. Heather Buchanan - Calgary based illustrator making her Royal Bison debut with a whole collection of great prints, buttons, etc.

3. Mel Liles - Her work is ever changing and always beautiful, with some new prints guaranteed to knock your socks off.

4. The Wilfred Kozub Art & Ponder - Musician/Photographer/Painter/Illustrator dynamo is always a delight!

5. drwbnsn - Illustrator and printmaker extraordinaire Andrew Benson specializes in the curious and the macabre.

6. Emily Chu - Her illustrations are incredible, including mermaid cats (mercats? felaids?)!

7. Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts - an incredible Edmonton collective of professional artists with developmental disabilities.

Bison Gift Guide - For Hip Kids

Got a hip kid in your life?  Looking to shop local this holiday season?  We here at the Royal Bison have got you covered.

1.  Sweet Jane Studio - Bison veteran Crystal Tracy bringing her uber-kinder-cute kids clothes to the Bison.

2. String for Pearls - functional, modern, non-toxic teething necklaces for those little ones to chew on.

3. From Harper - some of the coolest kids clothes you'll find anywhere!

4. 559 Toys - durable kids toys from a child development professional.

5. Mountains and Monsters - our most favourite Jasperians (Jasperites?) with their adorable/bizarre little plush monsters.

6. Bloom Cookie Co. - an Edmonton institution, what kid doesn't love a vegan cookie (or three)?

Bison Gift Guide - For The Designer

Got a designer on you list?  Wanna shop local for the holidays?  The Royal Bison has you covered!

1. AdrianMartinus - Calgary based Pool brothers are woodworking superstars, with many of their pieces constructed from recycled skateboards!

2. Mezzaluna Studio - Edmonton designer Victoria Wiercinski brings her mid-century modern, Scandinavian tea towels, table runners, cards and more to both weekends of the event.

3. SNAP - local gallery and printmaking space has cards, prints, etc. from a huge collection of Edmonton-based artists.

4. Ryspot Design - brand new to the Bison with a beautiful array of concrete home items.

5. Leasmarket - Edmonton-based ceramic studio; we're in love with their work!

6. Birch&Grey - a woodworking studio that is always expanding and experimenting with new materials.

7. Rachel Beyer - beautiful hand-carved spoons!

Bison Gift Guide - For The Kickass Lady

Got a kickass lady in your life?  Looking for a holiday gift?  Wanna shop local?  The Royal Bison has you covered!

1. KittyKittyYumYum - the most incredible catnip-stuffed toys for our feline friends, including pyrogies and sausage (an Edmonton favourite)!

2. EmmyLou Knits - keep warm (and stylish) all winter long.

3. Sylvia Soo Leather - beautiful, elegant, and simple leather pieces.

4. Hand Wovens - local photographer Jessica Fern Facette's most extraordinary side-project.

5. Beton Brut - does it get any more badass (and beautiful) than concrete jewelry?

6. Marcie Rohr - we cannot get enough of her work.

7. Rosa & Lilium Apothecary - incredible handmade bath & beauty projects, be sure to check their #getREAL project.


Bison Gift Guide - For The Cool Guy

Looking to shop local this holiday season?  We think that's a great idea, and holy smokes do we have some great ideas.  Got a Cool Guy in your life?  Don't know what to get him?  Here are some suggestions:

1. Ryaton - Greg Morgan makes serious boots (and other leather accessories) right here in Edmonton.  Built to last.

2. Tomnuk Design - Edmonton-based Jordan Tomnuk keeps winning international awards for his incredible design pieces.

3. Libertine Fragrance - Forester-turned-designer Josh Smith is bringing some very fine (dude-friendly) fragrances to the Bison. 

4. Urban Drawer: locally designed socks are making their Bison debut December 2-4.

5. Concrete Cat - This Edmonton born and raised business has expanded to an international audience with their stunning concrete pieces.  

6. Arturo Denim Co. - Brand new denim co., made right here in Edmonton!  Debuting at the Bison December 9-11!

Elm and District at the Royal Bison

Holy smokes, you guys, are we ever excited to announce our new food vendor at the Bison!  The fine folks from Elm Cafe and District Cafe & Bakery will be providing the tastiest of eats, drinks, and snacks all weekend long at both the December 2-4 and December 9-11 editions of the Bison.  Here's the menu:

Eggs-in-a-bun (soft scramble free-range eggs, rosemary, cheddar, aioli, spinach)
Breakfast bowl (yukon potato hash, cherry tomato, soft boiled eggs, greens)
House granola & yogurt cups
Soup & biscuit
Royale Bison meatball sub (charred tomato, arugula, aioli, jalapeno)
Pulled pork sandwich (spicy bbq, slaw, crispy onion, aged cheddar)
Winter salad (parsnip, carrot, pumpkin seeds, arugula, lemon thyme vinaigrette)
Coconut rice pudding
Pastries all-sorts

Sounds freaking delicious!  We can't wait!


Salgado Fenwick

Royal Bison mainstays Salgado Fenwick are back with their terrific apparel for both weekends of the fair.  A true Edmonton success story, did y'all know that they opened up their own shop, featuring the excellent Barking Buffalo Cafe?  Here's what these rad ladies have to say about their work:

Salgado Fenwick is made up of two ladies that hand draw and print animal inspired images.The two have been making dreamy images for almost 10 years. Their designs are reminiscent of childhood story tales, evoking feelings of familiarity and imagination; bringing different animals that might get forgotten or over looked together in their designs. Salgado Fenwick prints all their images by hand and releases four new prints each season. Their limited edition prints are in constant rotation, keeping their selection exciting and unique. When there is time, Salgado Fenwick sews and designs long-sleeves shirts & dresses. Salgado Fenwick also has a home collection, featuring pillows with different patterned backs and canvas fronts. 

Terrific.  You'll find the Salgado Fenwick gang at both the December 2-4 and December 9-11 editions of the Royal Bison.  Until then, follow along with the Instagram!