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Vikki Wiercinski

Vikki Wiercinski is an artist, designer and maker whose Mezzaluna Studio line reimagines mid-century modern textiles and patterns through a modern lens. . She's been working on the Royal Bison since 2010, and been a Royal Bison vendor since 2008.


We here at Bison HQ are eternally grateful to the contributions of those who have come before us. Illustrator Raymond Biesinger started the Royal Bison in 2007, and over the years the fair has benefitted from the blood, ink and spreadsheet tears of illustrator Josh Holinaty, jeweller Jeanie Andronyk, film photographer Jim Johansson and illustrator Andrew Benson.

The Royal Bison is an Edmonton-based, twice-a-year festival of the best and quirkiest art, craft and design EDMONTON has to offer. While its roots are local, THE FAIR WELCOMES VENDORS FROM ALL OVER CANADA

We're a small, tightly curated craft, art and design fair located in the heart of the established Old Strathcona retail district in Edmonton, Canada. The fair has been blowin’ through town since 2007, has a ferocious following of supportive customers, and dare we say it gets better and better with age. The fair pops up for a weekend only three times a year with 70-ish top-notch makers, designers, illustrators and assorted hangers-on showing their work and they bring some of the most vivid design, art and work you've ever seen. The fair revels in all things local and independent and acts a springboard and showcase for the area's creative endeavors .


The Royal Bison Fair is vendor-run, aligned with the arts community, staunchly independent and we like to think it's one hell of a good time. 

With low table fees and arts grants to support non-commercial ventures, the Bison aims to be a place for creative endeavours that might not be possible in other venues.

We also have a wide selection of items for men—something we feel is uncommon in today’s craft fairs.

The Royal Bison has won the Vue Weekly Reader's Choice award since 2012, which is as long as the category has existed. Thank you Edmonton!

We at the Royal Bison are excited to collaborate with individuals and organizations on activities and events of a less retail variety. Art projects and interactive, fair-long exhibits and installations are most welcome. You should contact us.